The lighting show is an essential part of any event in the contemporary world of show business. Using of a lighting accompaniment helps to create visual images of any concert, show-program, theatre performance, presentation, exhibition or disco.

   With the help of modern light technologies, a light designer exposes art conception of the performer as well as its inner world. Nowdays in our Country more and more performers realize that a modern concert is not only the performance of the musicians but a beautiful show with different light effects. Experience of many Russian famous groups and performers prove that those musicians who cooperate with light designers become popular more quickly and their concerts become of great events in our music world and make unforgettable impression for the audience

   I entered into the music world more than 20 years ago and ve connected my life with light. Step by step accumulating my experience and my creative power, using the most leading foreign and Russian light technologies, having worked as a light designer at many concerts with such experts of rock music as DDT, KIPELOV, ARIA and many other rock groups, I am finally came to a strong belief that Ive made a right choice.

Many thanks to my colleagues and musicians for this precious support.